Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Nutters the Squirrel

I've been reading up on photography tips and am so happy with how Little Nutters the squirrel has turned out. I experimented with Litlte Nutters cause I used some of my cashmere lop's bunny fur on him, its the white you see and it felted really nicely so now I'm thinking of bagging 10 gram bags up to see if they'll sell. I've also got another lop boy bunny who's natural gray and brown colors so it'll be a nice mix. The fur is super clean and really does felt nicely.

Anyways meet Nutters the squirrel


  1. What a cute squirrel, cheers Marie

  2. Cute! Love the name you have given him! He looks a bit worried though! I wonder what he is thinking?!! The bunny fur looks great on him too!

  3. hello! thank you for visiting my blog! =) I have no idea about loom knitting, so I'm sorry to say I don't know if you can convert crochet... but the bunnies are very easy to make, you can consider it a way to learn crochet! =D