Saturday, August 28, 2010

Secret Key

Turn that golden key
what do you see?

See those birds in the sky?
you look at me with the evil eye

Hollow and black, loose and slack
is this all we got?

A world with color, sound, heat, blistering hot
Turn that secret key

How? is he higher than you do we bow?
If you turned that golden key would you get to see me?

Lose the crap, lose it, you can do it in a snap
Turn that secret key, is it beneath you? is it beneath me?

Turn around, anti clockwise... what do bodies mean, alien, three eyes?
Golden secret key is it real like you and me.

I haven't felt like writing in ages so excuse the randomness of it, its late
at night and I tend to get weird inspiration like this. No real meaning I just like
this kinda style and secret key kinda got to me.


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog . I agree that the internet is amazing for people like us who either can't or don't like to leave the house .

    Perhaps you are an aspie or alien...both often become over whelmed with the sensory experience of the world and the confusing behavior of this planets furless monkeys ?
    Wishing you well and much fun with wool .

  2. I sometimes feel like I'm an alien haha