Saturday, August 28, 2010

Whispers the bear

This little two inch bear is Whispers, she's made from a silk merino blend (white color) and the teal color is kid mohair that is created by my friend Tess. I've mentioned her before in this blog she's from NZ. Anyways Whispers was created and needed a home, Kaylee my friend from sewing class surprised me with a book called Pass me a smile. I've still got to take photos and do a proper catch up on my items. But its a cute little book with sewing, needle felting and wet felting projects so Kaylee knew I would enjoy the book and she wasn't wrong. So to thank her I gave her Whispers, she was still in my sewing bag cause Kaylee had missed one week where I was originally showing Whispers off. So now Whispers lives on this window ledge happily sun baking and watching over Kaylee and her family.

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