Friday, August 13, 2010

Twit the little birdie

This is Twit a little needle felted bird I got the instructions from Little felted friends book which is awesome for beginners! I changed it up a little by making him chubbier and added yellow instead of orange. I don't like to stick to rules that often as you can probably tell.

Twit was made for a friend of mine, an online friend but their all one in the same in my books whether real life or not. She helped me get out of my depressed slump by sending me a lovey package of kid mohair. She has her own goats! lucky her I'm still trying to convince oh to let me get an alpacca at least but no such luck for me as of yet. So now Twit happily lives in New Zealand with my friend Tess hoping to get a permanent home in her soon to be bult studio.

I finger knitted the little green loop around his neck and realised he looks a little funny with it around his neck as it looks somewhat like a noose perhaps but I didn't needle it strongly onto the bird so it can also be an ornament not just a hanging one.

I'm waiting on an image of a bear I did in her lovely teal colored kid mohair bat as I gave a bear to my sewing friend Kaylee as she surprised me in sewing this week by giving me a book. I've been drooling over it for awhile now and its called Pass me a smile I think other countries might know it as Felt me a smile. I can't wait to get started on some of the projects.

I haven't been posting that much lately I've had a really bad ear ache and will be seeing the ear specailist in about six weeks, that's the waiting list for the local one and we're not even rural!

But other than that things are good I got Kay Petal's Needle felting doll dvd set that I bought over Ebay finally it arrived yesterday and I did a pracice head but I'm not happy with how its turned out so I'm gonna try again over the weekend when I get the time or inclination to do so.

So anyways Twit is all made out of merino roving. She also wears some yellow wool that I died myself, I'm really happy with how vibrant the color came out. Tess was impressed too as she dies with eco dies such as almond shells and onion skin. She told me about solar dying so I'll give that a go when its summer as its winter here in good old Australia/Melbourne. I want to try some different wool when I get the chance. I'm hoping to go to Lincraft to check out what they have in the way of wool roving. Lincraft is a super mega store for craft, sewing and knitting supplies as well as other supplies same with Spotlight I shop there too mainly.

Anyways hope you like this little update.

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