Wednesday, April 13, 2011

meet Bobo my latest needle felted bear

Meet Bobo he's my latest character bear I've been working on, I made him a cute fleece scarf. It's been really cold lately as we're in the middle of Autumn in Australia and its been getting chilly! I think we're going to be having a really cold winter.

I really like how this guy turned out, he has hands! well I needled fingers into his paws haha. I normally don't bother with that but I rather like it. The merino battin I used was quite nice.

I'm also getting into polymer clay, I baked some things this afternoon and will try to make something with it tonight. The noses I made turned out well, just the white things actually got a bit scorched but I still have wool that will match it haha so it is still useable.

also I'm hoping that Karen from the brown owls group I've joined will post pics that she took last night on her blog so I can show them off. I went to my first meeting of the brown owls craft group and it was so much fun, only a couple of ladies attended as the rest were busy Karen assured me next week will be busier. We drank tea and coffee, well I think I was the only coffee drinker last night haha. But we talked and crafted. Karen is actually into many different things whilst the two girls I met are mainly into crochet.