Saturday, April 9, 2011

Lady or Princess meet Lwo

Meet Princess Lwo

well actually I can't decide if she's a Princess or a Lady lol but either way. She's a different style to what I normally create. I have been obsessing over owls ever since I went to the Animal sanctuary the other week as we saw a pair of Barn owls. Lady Lwo; Lwo which is owl backwards is wet felted, over wire and then her clothing is needle felted as is her face. I rather like this style too.

My creative self seems to be back, I never take that for granted, depression can whisk it away on a whim and I can be dark and moody and grumpy until it returns. So I've been having fun playing with different textures, styles and colors. I tend to go for bright but this is much more nutural. I'm even playing around with photo editing to make it more subtle.

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