Saturday, April 9, 2011

adopt a dog red and white little Giggi needle felted

Gosh I'm being busy with felting! last night I couldn't sleep for some reason I think it was the rain as it was really heavy anyways I got up and thought I'd do some needle felting until I got tired. This was the result, little needle felted Gigi the red and white spotted pooch. She's available on my Etsy shop. I really adore needle felting. It's such a good stress reliever, lately I've been doing it to keep myself occupied as I have been going up and down in my depression. But nonetheless I poke away! my other half thinks I'm rather obsessed and I have been doing it that much this week that he thinks I'm sounding like a choo choo train as the needle pokes into the foam haha

1 comment:

  1. I'm glad you can keep felting through your depression. I wish I was the same! I still try, but it takes much longer to get things finished because I'm never happy with what I'm making at the time.

    I love your little dog, such a cutie! I want to pat his head. :)