Friday, April 22, 2011

Messy cake and happy easter all

I made cake yesterday lol well tried to, its a long running joke in my family that I can't bake. I can;'t even make jelly >> I've tried, been shown many times but still the jelly will never set right and jelly there isn't any cooking involved! anyways this cake actually did taste really nice but I burnt it a little haha but either way its not a very nice looking cake but I think it works out that way things tend to taste better when its ugly looking.

enjoy the messy cake photos

I didn't even follow anything to make this cake haha
just plonked in
butter two eggs
icing sugar
chocolate drinking powder
stirred, plonked in tray

and cooked until ready or burnt as the case was!

its a really rich cake but so yummy, I just sliced the burnt bits off and even the boys enjoyed it, the boys being my other half and his brother and they are usually afraid of eating my experiments.

Happy Easter everyone

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