Monday, April 4, 2011

happy to be free

I've been getting into contemplative art lately this is more like a journale inspired piece. I drew the girl with wings, the emotions I aspire to be are happy and free, lately I've been quite depressed and listless, irritable and what not but I think I'm slowly getting out of it when I'm trying different things. I quite like this style even though I'm not a traditional artist as such.

This is my tribute piece to my needle felting yahoo group that I'm a member of
fun_2_felt they are a lovely group of members who have really helped me over come this past weekend. I have just been feeling stressed, tired, depressed, and it is mainly to do with family issues but it seems I'm an imperfect perfectionist in my needle felting and its affected my self esteem and confidence but the ladies in the group are lovely and have really helped to bring me back to my normalish self.

So this piece is called happy to be free

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