Tuesday, April 19, 2011

plush parrot ooak hand made needle felted bird

Some of you may know my other half and I keep birds, our aviaries are called QuailQuail aviaries. We keep a variety of Quail, doves, and parrots. My latest addition to the ever growing family is a 6yo breeding pair of Jenday conures. I think they are truly a magic bird because of their temperment which is normally excellent as pets and their color. Our pair are of course breeders so aren't pets but the male is very quiet.

But I was inspired to create my latest needle felted bird out of these guys. I did my first polymer clay beak as well and I think it turned out great. He's a character bird but I still think I got him right. These two last photos have the real life birds behind the needle felted one. We're still in the process of naming this pair. We want original but funny names for them as they are known to be clowns. Their bright colors always make me smile. Currently they are inside in holding cages for quarrantine purposes before they go out into their proper aviary.

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