Thursday, April 28, 2011

felted ooak parrot pin Rainbow Lorikeet

Some of you know I love and keep parrots well this is a breed I don't actually keep but a girlfriend does. It's a Rainbow Lorikeet. I think they are very pretty. I'm rather happy with how this pin has come together. Felted firmly and then attatched with glue and wool. I am going to make more in different bird breeds, there isn't enough bird accessories out there lol. I also posted off my polar bear that I created yesterday so hopefully in the next couple of days it'll be with its new owner. That was my first sale on ebay. This pin is about 3cm long.


  1. fabulous! i love the colors.needle felting always amazes me i have no idea how to do it but i always look at what people make from needle felting and wonder how they did it.

  2. So pretty! We gets lot Wattle Birds where I live!

  3. Wow, needle felting is amazing! And it's true, there's never enough feathery friends. : )

  4. Sooo loving the colours here - V clever!