Monday, November 12, 2012

Rupert the fox needle felted fox

Meet Rupert the fox! I needle felted most of him last night when my other half and I were at the hospital for his sleep clinic as he was being fitted for a cpap machine as he has severe sleep apnea. We got woken up at 6am and got home at about 7am after having breakfast at his parents place, I finished off Rupert then. Isn't he lovely? I love using the dolls furniture. I used amigurumi eyes for him, makes him look much more lively! He's approx 4ish inches tall, five way thread jointed and has a blend of merino wool plus tussah silk to give him a bit of texture, he's available in my etsy shop. Today we're off to the dentist for the start of the root canal procedure for my other half, he's having the rest of it done on Thursday poor man. Hugs and happy Tuesday

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  1. Rupert is really a handsome fellow! He looks like he's smiling in his new home!