Monday, November 12, 2012

some more feathered friends

These are some pictures of our new birds we picked up the other day Kakarikis Nz native parrots they're one of my favorite birds
this is our new hen cinnamon colored green cheek conure to go with Bubbaguts dad as his wifey passed away And last but not least documenting from day one! first laid egg from our hen budgie 1 egg
day two, 2 eggs
Off to the dentist now happy Tuesday


  1. This is really cool to watch! Thanks so much for letting us in on the news :) I am crazy about birds and all of these are so beautiful. You have some of the most gorgeous native birds -- I know you really must enjoy them. I know I do :)

  2. Jess thank you for sharing this with all of us. It is wonderful to learn about the birds thru you....bless your heart. Wow such a big egg for that wee little Budgie. Can't wait for the updates...Thanks again :-).

  3. What fun! I remember when our ducks would lay eggs and we couldn't wait till they hatched. So hard to wait! I love all this color - what gorgeous birdies!

  4. The birds are so beautiful! I agree with Sue Ann, those eggs seem too big for that particular bird, lol. Keep us updated.