Wednesday, November 7, 2012

felted bear and blythe ramblings

I am very happy to report I worked out how to use dollys eyes! she can change them now don't know why she couldn't before but all of a sudden it worked so I am thrilled with her. Did a mini photo shoot with her today using some oldbie items to re photo them to make them look good.
all these three items are available in my etsy shop, I'm needing funds for my dolly habit, its very addicting, the seller I brought this girl from is holding two dolls for me at a very reasonable price I'm buying an Enchanted petal and Simply mango for $180 plus she's throwing in some clothing and the Simply mango one has had a custom face up done. I haven't told my other half I'm getting them yet haven't really got the money but too good a deal to pass up rofl in my mind anyways. Can't wait lol when all my dolls arrive I'll have 7 blythes of different sorts and quality plus two Anne Estelle and Tiny Betsy haha my doll family is growing. We're off on our group hike tomorrow will post pics tomorrow afternoon hugs

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